Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Waste Your Time Wisely

Missed meeting at 1:15 pm.

Those moments when you realize that you missed a meeting only an hour and a half earlier....


It literally hurts your stomach to think that you scheduled an appointment with your professor, yet you accidentally took a nap at that same time or walked around campus just daydreaming.Of course, the right thing to do is apologize right away and try to schedule another appointment. 

However, as soon as I sat down while working at the library, I opened my college email and saw that she had already emailed me, telling me that she had waiting a whole HOUR for me. The misery I still am in right now. 


    Even though I did miss that meeting, I know that the nap I did take at that time was completely necessary and badly needed.

Lesson for the day: write down your schedule for every little thing. Even the bathroom breaks.

Thumbs down on my part.