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Day 3
Out of all the activities, organizations, parties, loans, break ups, and classes, professors make the college what it is. The entire reason of a school's existence rests on their shoulder and my fiction and poetry workshop professor carries our hearts and minds well onto the pages of our creative journals.
In this photo, my prof wears some leopard print flats with casual blue jeans, coordinated with a warm-colored long-sleeve and a classy bun on top.

Day 2
I ended up publishing posts on the regular blog page on college fashion, but I think I'll try to post my favorite on this 'college fashion page.' This image is of a friend relaxing on the law in front of Crowe dormitory while we all listen to the songs other students are singing in the event 'Crowe Unplugged.'

Day 1
I started with the desire to do a blog only on college fashion called "These Halls of Knowledge."
Yet, I couldn't keep up with it. Hence, this college thumbs blog is expanding and I'm going to incorporate the college fashion I was so attracted to and respected.

It really is super difficult  keeping up with fashion in college because you're always so temped to keep your sweatpants on from when you roll out of bed.

I'll be posting pictures of my college friends who keep up with their appearance or get dressed up for a school event and will be posting them on this 'College Fashion' page.


Thumbs up to the people who have awesome styles.