Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Three Best Friends

Meet Kala (left) and Yana (right). They're my two best friends here in college and I've been able to experience so much with them. I just drew this today during lunch in hopes of relieving some stress but then the finished product made me want to post it somewhere and I feel like it's too intimate to put on Facebook. Although there is a picture of us like this on FB, I didn't draw it. Point being...I'm getting distracted and am procrastinating on my homework at the moment but I would think this blog is a productive use of time.

Anyways, these are the people who I have to thank for my blog support system and also for the experiences that make me want to blog.

Love you both! Mua!

Thumbs up!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fairy Tale Reality Check

Did you know that.....
Rapunzel's prince had his eyes scratched out by thorns from when he jumped off  the tower in escape of the evil witch. And he didn't return home because he was so miserable from not being with his true love and searched for her while blind until he heard her song. Fortunately, Rapunzel's tears healed his eyes and he was able to see again.
Cinderella was her own fairy godmother, she would be able to talk to animals by herself and order them around while also asking birds to help make her a gown. And when she went to the ball, the prince would only dance with her for the whole three nights of the festival and her shoe didn't come off until the third night. It wasn't even made of glass. Since the golden shoe didn't fit, one of Cinderella's sisters cut off her toes to squeeze in and the other sister cut off her heel to put it on. Both times the prince believed them until little birdies sang to him about how there was blood on the shoe therefore it wasn't the one.
...now you know.

I have three English classes this semester and all of them have great literary selections that pique my interest. In my "Women in Fiction" class, we're reading all the fairy tales right now and later we'll have to write our own fairy tale based on the fairy tales we've read in class. Our professor gave us two websites to find all the stories to read  today: www.surlalunefairytales.com and http://www.pitt.edu/~dash/grimm021.html 
The assignment for the day was to discuss themes and patterns we saw with all the stories, what patterns do you see?
Also, a musical that my professor recommended is "Into the Woods." Super good so far, I'll keep watching it when I have more time. You can watch it on Netflix, but prepare for a long time on the couch or bed or wherever you're watching it because it runs for around two and a half hours long. Thumbs up.