Monday, October 27, 2014

Scholarly Fashion: Shoes

Music Theory Class

Scholarly Fashion: Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Music Professor for my Music Theory Class

This year I've introduced professors and other adults to the mix because they have good fashion, too. I always enjoy coming in to class everyday and being able to give a compliment to my music professor for his choice in shoes and style in tops. The photo above is one of his most calming fashion selections. This professor has come in crazy, funky, colored shirts calling for individuality.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scholarly Fashion: Part Two

                            Displaying WP_20140919_010.jpg Relaxed walking to class in CFA.

I've gathered enough pictures to post for this entire semester, probably. But the fun part of this blog is the actual picture taking where I can see the style come alive in how people walk in their clothes. I still need to figure out how to have them model for 15 seconds before they rush off to class.

 Displaying WP_20140918_010.jpg Displaying WP_20140918_011.jpg
Outside CFA                                                                 Across the CC