Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nick & Norah's Little Blog Touching a Mango-Shaped Space

 nick & norah's INFINITE PLAYLIST
 I have to start out with this book because it was so damn good. And usually I try to keep away from profanity due to my desire to come up with more intellectual words but this book inspires me to sound obscene considering the expletive nature of this novel. Nick and Nora share the great romance of clockwork because everything fits perfectly. Their conversations, their walks in the park, and their lust and passion all synchronize. No metaphors, only the witty remarks from each character. This book is a definite thumbs up.
Favorite scene in the book: Page 94, middle paragraph
Authors: Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
I'll have to remember to read some of their other books.
Also, I put a playlist from the songs the authors introduced in the book but I think "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince isn't playing for some reason :( sad day.

Next book:
 Little Blog on the Prairie
This book was alright. From the very beginning I had to push myself to keep reading it but once I got into the story line, the reading ameliorated. I think the biggest part the author could get better at is the show not tell. There are many emotions in the novel but the narrator expresses it directly rather than appealing to the senses. The character is somewhat relatable but she almost reminded me of Emma from Jane Austen's Emma. Completely clueless to other people's emotions.
Favorite Scene in the book: Pages 243-244, Gen's Speech
In this scene, I could feel the struggle within Gen without the author really telling the readers it was a struggle. And I liked the outcome and transformation of the main character.
Author: Cathleen Davitt Bell
Not a book I would recommend. But it is a nice, quick read.
Thumbs in the middle. I've read worse.

These next two books to be reviewed were both amazing books. They were both recommended and lent by a close friend.
Coming up:
I enjoyed every page and learned from the main character, Cole, through his struggle in the lonely woods of an Alaskan island. But I do have to admit that it was a slow read, but I think it was due to the reality of the story line. The characters were real and completely relatable. The main plot included the struggle of Cole breaking through the wall he puts up against everybody. Cole has to learn to heal from his anger. And I could totally relate. Who doesn't have to stop themselves from saying something nasty or actually erupts from emotion then feels bad later? I loved the reality of the book and I loved the theme of justice. I can tell from how my friend behaves how this book has influenced her lifestyle.
Favorite scene: Page 145, Para 7, lines 12-16
I loved the inclusion of the topic of perspective, because how a person looks at things does play a role on how they live.
Author: Ben Mikaelsen
I'm curious as to what other books he has, and would love to read them.
Thumbs up.

Last, but definitely not Least:
 A Mango-Shaped Space
Also recommended by a friend, also a book I would recommend to others. I have to already say that I give it a thumbs up. This book was completely un-relatable. I don't have a pet like a dog or cat so I can't relate to the attachment, I don't live in the country so I can't relate to the free and safe space, and I didn't have a friend I shared everything with until just recently therefore I cannot relate to the best friend in middle school. But the best part that I could NOT relate to was the part about having synesthesia. But this part is what made everything more exciting to find out. I have, however, had the luxury of meeting an R.A. at my college who has synesthesia and drew my colors for me that she sees. Apparently, from her perspective, I am a blue-green with circular and pointy shapes. And I was so happy to find that out.
Favorite Scene: Page 145 & Page 160, Mia's session with acupuncture
I loved this scene because it almost felt magical, as if even though it's real life, there's also something spiritual that many people miss out on, and it makes me wish so much that I could see the colors the main character sees.
Author: Wendy Mass
I would love to read another of her books.

Thank goodness for school breaks. The time I have to read book is now even more precious to me than before. Each book I finished in less than a day.
Thumbs up to reading days.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The College Dystopia

It's not about a fresh start anymore. It's not about learning new things. The reputation a freshman makes their first year of college can scar that person for the rest of their life.
I hate rumors! I hate drama! I hate unloving, unforgiving, un-forgetting people. Who don't feel sorry or who don't feel as if they should feel sorry.

The biggest problem with small schools is the annoying fact that rumors spread faster than fire.

I have it lucky. I'm the "sweet" and "innocent" friend who is "nice" to everybody...I think. Unless rumors prove wrong. Therefore, people tend to not talk bad behind my back. Maybe because they know I'm more sensitive thus seen as weak and wouldn't be able to handle the mean backstabbing comments people make. But then WHY DO THEY THINK THEY CAN TALK ABOUT MY FRIENDS?! Because that hurts me even more.

What I've seen, is that rumors are made about those who are strong and can joke and can socialize with people. Sometimes, a joke can be TOO MUCH.

I wish I weren't using so many all-caps, yet my heart and my head is screaming for justice. SO much, sometimes, that I cry. And I shake, and I get angry. Because people are getting hurt.

I have two friends who have gone through a period where rumors were made up about them. One just let it go. Person A kept being nice. But I applaud person B for standing up for herself. She is worth the fight. Both of them are, and it's not fair that people talk bad about them. Because they are the people who should be talked good about.

If a girl sleeps with a guy. Don't talk about it. If a girl doesn't sleep with a guy. STILL don't talk about it. And if a girl doesn't sleep with a guy, DEFINITELY don't talk about her sleeping with one. Or better yet, if a girl sleeps with another girl, STILL DON"T TALK ABOUT IT. Rumors hurt.

Picture elementary school.
Girl I peed her pants.
Her three friends, A, K, and M help her by taking off one of their sweaters and let I wear the sweater around her waist. They don't worry about whether or not the pee will get on the sweater, they don't worry whether or not the school will talk about it, they don't tell others on her, and they definitely stand up for her if a random classmate says that girl I peed her pants.
I was girl I in elementary school. And I had the best examples there of what a friend should be.

Now college comes, and suddenly we're more immature than a bunch of elementary school kids.
Looks like our education has hurt our heart more than help our brains.

I am going to be that person who will stand up for anybody who is talked about.

For those of you who gossip, don't do it around me or I WILL make sure you regret it.

And also, a helpful tip:

T is it true?
H is it helpful?
I is it inspiring?
N is it necessary?
K is it kind?

And I admit, I do this but it does have the side effect of being unable to talk because you're thinking a lot of what you should say. Therefore, people think that you're "quiet."

Rumors=thumbs down

....End Rant.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I spent this Thanksgiving break back and forth between Louisville and Indianapolis and Louisville again.The goal for our days off was to spend much of our time with my family and my boyfriend, Matt's, family. Yet, the achievements we made were mainly focused on the good food we got to eat.

my mom and I cooked, my boyfriend liked the food

the same and the additional cooking experiment of scrambled eggs with cinnamon.

we had a light breakfast, got persuaded to let my sister do my hair and then drove over to his parents house to then later drive to his aunt's house to celebrate thanksgiving.

The drive back and forth was beautiful.

Thanksgiving food included corn souffle, sweet potato casserole, light and dark turkey, corn bread, mash potatoes, gravy, and plenty more, with the main ingredients of love, laughter, and life mixed into the celebration. His family certainly fit into the American cliche of a family. The sweet Grandma who prepared most of the food, the the genius little Cousin, the deafening and caring Uncle, and the quiet and loving Grandpa who gave the warmest hugs to the entire family. I don't think I've ever been to such an intense Thanksgiving.

I do adore my own family Thanksgivings, but I do know that I have now experienced the all-American family reunions we always see on television. While my family is more laid-back, Mat's family is more energetic. While mine is romantic, his is familiar. And while my family focuses on the salsa, his focuses on the games. Both have their positive situations. Even though, at the beginning, I was very nervous and anti-social, the first step I had to take was act and interact; even if I did not feel like it.

There are still many aspects to his family's lifestyle in which I'm in culture shock, and I still cringe to the disregard of other cultures. When it came to Black Friday shopping, I heard one of the family members make a comment towards not understanding an accent, another comment towards how an ethnic community smelled, another person saying something about a people's economic status. The insensitivity was absurd.

Yet, the people are still nice, still caring, still loving. But there is a problem in the education of most Americans on easily making judgments that should not be made. My anthropology professor would talk to me about the emic and etic viewpoints of thinking. That the emic point of view is too often focused in a person's own culture, yet the etic perspective links together other cultures and bring them into everyday thinking. And I think that with most immigrants, the etic perspective is most prevalent because we have seen the good and the bad from two or more cultures and can choose our own culture and choose what we specifically consider most important.

my boyfriend and I mostly stayed in his house, working on homework and papers for the upcoming school day this Monday and we begin the dreaded Dead week. Later that night though, Matt's mom and dad took us out to eat at a Mexican restaurant that had the most amazing food. The occasion was to celebrate Matt's birthday since they wouldn't be able to celebrate it this Sunday (today). I had the best food.
 It had lobster, shrimp, scallop, oysters, muscles, everything was to die for. Then the birthday cake was even more delicious. The servers put a mariachi hat on Matt and I got to later put some frosting on his face.
The days kept on getting better. Then Saturday came and we got to clean the gutters. More fun than I imagined it to be. And then around 3 pm, me and Matt had to leave. And his dogs knew it. There was a golden retriever, Maggie, and a dalmatian, Didi. And Maggie was the most energetic dog I've ever seen and truly lives up to the idea that the dogs have the same personalities as their master because Maggie and Matt were practically the same.
Such a cutie, just like its owner.
When we got back to Louisville, I got to hang with my mom and brother and watch Rush Hour. And my mom doesn't know Matt that well; but even so, she still went ahead and made him a birthday cake. I love you Mami.
 Thumbs up to an interesting Thanksgiving break.