Saturday, December 28, 2013

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 I have to start out with this book because it was so damn good. And usually I try to keep away from profanity due to my desire to come up with more intellectual words but this book inspires me to sound obscene considering the expletive nature of this novel. Nick and Nora share the great romance of clockwork because everything fits perfectly. Their conversations, their walks in the park, and their lust and passion all synchronize. No metaphors, only the witty remarks from each character. This book is a definite thumbs up.
Favorite scene in the book: Page 94, middle paragraph
Authors: Rachel Cohn & David Levithan
I'll have to remember to read some of their other books.
Also, I put a playlist from the songs the authors introduced in the book but I think "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince isn't playing for some reason :( sad day.

Next book:
 Little Blog on the Prairie
This book was alright. From the very beginning I had to push myself to keep reading it but once I got into the story line, the reading ameliorated. I think the biggest part the author could get better at is the show not tell. There are many emotions in the novel but the narrator expresses it directly rather than appealing to the senses. The character is somewhat relatable but she almost reminded me of Emma from Jane Austen's Emma. Completely clueless to other people's emotions.
Favorite Scene in the book: Pages 243-244, Gen's Speech
In this scene, I could feel the struggle within Gen without the author really telling the readers it was a struggle. And I liked the outcome and transformation of the main character.
Author: Cathleen Davitt Bell
Not a book I would recommend. But it is a nice, quick read.
Thumbs in the middle. I've read worse.

These next two books to be reviewed were both amazing books. They were both recommended and lent by a close friend.
Coming up:
I enjoyed every page and learned from the main character, Cole, through his struggle in the lonely woods of an Alaskan island. But I do have to admit that it was a slow read, but I think it was due to the reality of the story line. The characters were real and completely relatable. The main plot included the struggle of Cole breaking through the wall he puts up against everybody. Cole has to learn to heal from his anger. And I could totally relate. Who doesn't have to stop themselves from saying something nasty or actually erupts from emotion then feels bad later? I loved the reality of the book and I loved the theme of justice. I can tell from how my friend behaves how this book has influenced her lifestyle.
Favorite scene: Page 145, Para 7, lines 12-16
I loved the inclusion of the topic of perspective, because how a person looks at things does play a role on how they live.
Author: Ben Mikaelsen
I'm curious as to what other books he has, and would love to read them.
Thumbs up.

Last, but definitely not Least:
 A Mango-Shaped Space
Also recommended by a friend, also a book I would recommend to others. I have to already say that I give it a thumbs up. This book was completely un-relatable. I don't have a pet like a dog or cat so I can't relate to the attachment, I don't live in the country so I can't relate to the free and safe space, and I didn't have a friend I shared everything with until just recently therefore I cannot relate to the best friend in middle school. But the best part that I could NOT relate to was the part about having synesthesia. But this part is what made everything more exciting to find out. I have, however, had the luxury of meeting an R.A. at my college who has synesthesia and drew my colors for me that she sees. Apparently, from her perspective, I am a blue-green with circular and pointy shapes. And I was so happy to find that out.
Favorite Scene: Page 145 & Page 160, Mia's session with acupuncture
I loved this scene because it almost felt magical, as if even though it's real life, there's also something spiritual that many people miss out on, and it makes me wish so much that I could see the colors the main character sees.
Author: Wendy Mass
I would love to read another of her books.

Thank goodness for school breaks. The time I have to read book is now even more precious to me than before. Each book I finished in less than a day.
Thumbs up to reading days.