Saturday, October 10, 2015

What eez dis? Senioritis at its finest.

The usual thoughts of senior year involve jobs, graduation, senior thesis, gettig the year done and over with. And while I'm ready for the adventure which awaits me, I've decided to live in the moment and proactively provoke social and political changes around me. After all, it's my senior year: might as well go all out.

Pay for school all on my own, have five jobs and counting, have four major classes plus orchestra, plus cello and piano lessons. Lets be editor of our school newspaper, lets handle discussions in our diversity group, lets read and submit poetry for our poetry magazine, let's provide experienced support to the new dance organization we created. Let's talk and dance with friends til 3 AM every other weekend to provide intellectual and cultural stimulation outside of the classroom. Then let's keep close to professors and help each other stand strong in the constant battle against administration.

I meant to write this post on the pressing issue on campus and explain my thoughts, but that'll be for another time. For now, I'll follow my heart and give in towards the concerns holding strongest in my mind.