Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallows' Eve

Hal·low·een  [hal-uh-ween, -oh-een, hol-]
the evening of October 31; the eve of All Saints' Day; All hallows Eve: observed especially by children in costumes who solicit treats, often by threatening minor pranks. (
Holidays don't seem to be that important unless you have close friends and family to share them with. There was no way I would go trick or treating if my brother and sister didn't go with me. And we would always share our candy. In a sort of specialized way where we would each get our own favorite candies we liked and not have to eat the candies we didn't like.

  I never really liked candy corn.

11 pm Halloween

Halloween was postponed til tomorrow. It's probably because there are strong winds and chances of tornadoes at the moment. And for a second, the lights flickered in the room I'm in right now.  Fortunately, neighborhood kids don't have to worry about going to bed early for school the next day. 

Also, yesterday a theme house at my college had a Writer's Block Halloween Party and I got to carve my first pumpkin with one of my best friends. It had a really crooked smile that I'm proud of. If i do get a picture of it I'l make sure to post it. Today, me and my boyfriend got to go to Goodwill and buy plain shirts to decorate. We're going to dress up as M&Ms. We bought paint and painted our shirts. Hopefully, I'll get pictures of us dressed up for the party this Saturday. 

Tomorrow, we're having an Indian festival where there'll be Indian food, music, henna, and fireworks. I'm really excited. I would be stoked with just the henna but everything else will definitely make it more enjoyable. But that's at 9 pm. From 6-8 is a diversity workshop, 8-9 is an improv group show that performs at times throughout the school year and it's run by students. Their shows are super hilarious. And 9-10:30 is the Indian festival. 

Sooo much to dooooo.

Tomorrow is Friday though, so it's all good.

Thumbs up for all hallows' eve.


1 pm: rest time/ nap time

Songs to listen to in the background as going to sleep. I'm also going to be writing reviews under each video. I'm still stuck with listening to the 'Cayucas' Pandora station. I can't make myself change the station. I haven't even had to skip a song except for one time.

Time to Run
     ~Lord Huron

Review: Great music, great video, and great lyrics.I do not have any idea what the lyrics mean but I do know that there is a website where you can comment your input on what your idea for the lyrics mean:

New Year's Eve
    ~Mal Blum
Review:Such a great song.

Review: My favorite version of Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy."


Review: love the black and white. Her moves were very emotional and her tears were very simple and added the perfect touch to the video. Love the lyrics as well.

It's Alright
    ~Matt & Kim
Review: Great dance coordination. I also liked looking up the video explaining how the dance moves were made up and worked on. Great artists in general.

Review: I love how the artists used such unique sounds to make such a sweet melody. I love the duet aspect and I love the combination of each sound. Very musical.

Me Voy
   ~Julieta Venegas
Review: Love her attitude in this video. It's such a pretty song but such blunt lyrics.

And last, but certainly not least: CAYUCAS, album Bigfoot
Review:Good music. And the videos I have seen, I've thought were really cute and simple. Really nice videos to go with calming music such as this album.

Music is positively, absolutely a thumbs up!

P.S. I will be editing and re-editing this blog post because I know that these reviews are very shallow and do not convey my entire thoughts on every aspect of the song and video.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Waste Your Time Wisely

Missed meeting at 1:15 pm.

Those moments when you realize that you missed a meeting only an hour and a half earlier....


It literally hurts your stomach to think that you scheduled an appointment with your professor, yet you accidentally took a nap at that same time or walked around campus just daydreaming.Of course, the right thing to do is apologize right away and try to schedule another appointment. 

However, as soon as I sat down while working at the library, I opened my college email and saw that she had already emailed me, telling me that she had waiting a whole HOUR for me. The misery I still am in right now. 


    Even though I did miss that meeting, I know that the nap I did take at that time was completely necessary and badly needed.

Lesson for the day: write down your schedule for every little thing. Even the bathroom breaks.

Thumbs down on my part.