Thursday, August 13, 2015

Soul Searching

Today my sister asked me how my relationship with God was going.  Just recently I asked her, so it was a fair question. While I am in a confused phase at the moment, I realized when I answered my sister that I'm not falling apart. I'm actually picking up the pieces and figuring out a new picture to my belief system.

My ideas have risen up from different philosophies, including Ayn Rand, Taoism, and Christianity. A few speckles of Islam, Judaism, and communism also align my views. However, I am now accepting  my questioning state of mind. I figure it's alright to question.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


In episode 1 of Sherlock's first season, Watson's therapist suggested keeping up with a blog. Then Watson replies with the fact that he has nothing to write about since nothing is going on in his life. Of course, there's always something going on in everybody's head. Watson was just a pessimist.