Wednesday, August 5, 2015


In episode 1 of Sherlock's first season, Watson's therapist suggested keeping up with a blog. Then Watson replies with the fact that he has nothing to write about since nothing is going on in his life. Of course, there's always something going on in everybody's head. Watson was just a pessimist.
Fortunately, for all us aspiring writers, there's always something to write about. And we're always thinking about something to write about. The difficult part is making sure our thoughts get passed on clearly and effectively with the exact type of emphasis and metaphorical meanings we mean. Then the problem lies with whether we will remember the things we're thinking about and if we'll be able to write them out in time. That's why rule number one for writers is to always carry your notebook, or for our generation, any kind of writing device. What are our thoughts and why are they there? What makes us forget them? Because I'm pretty positive that I started writing this blog post with two thoughts in my head but only one came through.