Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break in 3...

Finals Week this week and tomorrow will be my last final due date. It will contain 3 two-page essays over all the books we've read in early literature and it's due tomorrow at 5 pm. Today, in less than an hour, I will be taking an oral final exam similar to a Socratic circle discussion over our last paper for this Studies in Fiction class, and yesterday I took my final exam for our astronomy class. My Women in Fiction class did not have a final other than our Theory that we had to come up with over at least four of the books we've read.

My Theory: 
Female authors bring in the reader with a welcoming type of introduction and choice of voice in all the novels. Compared to male authors, women feel as though people would not normally listen to them. In effect, these authors create a style of writing that includes the reader in the story.
Examples include: Wise Children, Handmaid's Tale, Carter's The Tiger's Bride, and Oranges are not the only Fruit

Then I have one more paper due Friday because my Studies in Fiction professor gave me a highly needed extension.

Lastly, I get to go to Appalachia on Friday!!!! And stay there a whole week for volunteer service and learn about the culture there and the problem of mountain top removal. I'm so exited.
I'm already wearing my work boots to break into them. They're steel toe so they already hurt a bit, but they're also a men's 6 1/2 while I usually wear a women's 7. So they're a bit too big for me.

I will not have wi-fi over there but I'll be writing down all the daily events as much as I can and will post them when I get back. It will be my goal to both educate and entertain you readers.
I'll include pictures and all necessary to share my awesome experience I'll be able to have.

Ta ta!

Spring break coming up on Friday (3 days away!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here's a song dedicated to...

...my fake friends.

Woah, woaoh. Woahhahahohhh. 
You think the little corners are my entire room.
You think the little waves represent our,
entire conversation.

Woah, woaoh.
One dayyyy
I thought you were my friend.
One dayyy
you turned into my. worst. enemy.

(drum and guitar solo)

*singer rocking out and shaking her head back and forth

(drums and pauses)

lala lala la 
(drums and pauses)
lala lala la
(drums and pauses)

Don't smile at me. Looking like a friend.
Show your true colors so I can paint coreectly.

You messed up heart

You tore me apart,
like i was just your childhood doll

woah, woaoh, Woahhahahohhh. 
don't blah blah blah in my ear
don't "he said, she said" in my ear
I can't keep in this state of confusion
I can't keep following your dead, cold words

One dayyyy
I thought you were my friend.
One dayyy
you turned into my. worst. enemy.

This song is now titled three minutes because that's how long it took to write this and how long I can stand listening to my fake friends tell lies. Thumbs down to fake friends.