Monday, October 28, 2013

Name the three types of rock: Classic, Punk, Hard

8 am Geology class with Professor W.
Class size: 40 (the biggest class I've had so far)

We're going over chapter 14 from our geology textbook right now. And it seems as if he's trying to make it interesting to the class but I think we're all so jaded from his normal class lessons. . .scratch that. Maybe I'm one of the few not paying attention right now.

It's 20 min since the lecture began and he's just now beginning to talk about today's topic.

Sometimes, half of us sleep and he keeps talking. Sometimes, we ask questions that he doesn't know the answer to such as, what does that picture mean? "Idk" Yet, he was the one who made the power point and the one who put the pictures up.

I would understand the necessity of taking a science class to have the qualities of a well-rounded person. I would love to talk about minerals and fossils. I would like to TALK and be part of a discussion and analyze. Unfortunately, my professor this semester likes to talk more than let others talk. He loves his talking so much he doesn't even need an audience. We sleep and do other homework half the time. He sees us and keeps talking.


I'm sorry. I am being rude. He's a person like everybody else.

...The three types of rock are sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. But I enjoy the joke better.

For this class, we've had to memorize the names of minerals, the names of different rocks (of all three types), and the names, phylum, and class of fossils. And the only reason I'm passing this class so far is due to sharing this class with my two best friends. We always try to study together. One wants to be a teacher so when we're studying she takes up leadership and helps us remember the names by association. I have no idea what I'd do without her.

EXAMPLE: fossil:: phylum::: mollusca --class::: pelecypoda
                    There are three mollusca in our fossil group.
                    I remember the class 'pelecypoda' because we broke it down to three words.
                   Pele: is of course the famous soccer player. And how do I remember that this specific title is Pele? Because there is a division on one end and it reminds me of two legs. Then 'cy' sounds like 'see' and I want to see Pele. And..I want to take a 'poda' or 'photo' when I see Pele because he is such a famous futbolista.

Class is finished for today children.

This is a thumbs down.