Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ignorance v. Stupidity

8-9 pm Kaleidoscope meeting (ran over tonight)
*props for intellectual discussion and stimulation
Class size: fluctuates at times, avg. 20

Discussion topic: Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Halloween Costumes
Trayvon Martin Halloween Costume

Two links for it as well:

We had a great discussion over this photo in our Kaleidoscope club tonight. I love the times when my eyes are opened to what's going on around me more. This case in particular, had so much media attention, I cannot imagine the people dressing up had no idea that what they were doing was bad.
However, I know there are some instances where something is obvious to others but I'm blind to it.
It is the gray ground between ignorance and stupidity.
At my own college, there are many fraternity theme parties. A couple years before I came to school here, there was a "Christmas in the Hood." When I heard that I was like, wow, that is so racist and stereotypical of them. But then a person in the club also brought up that we still have theme parties called 'White Trash, Trailer Bash" and "Protect the Chest." And I went to the 'White Trash' party last year. I was so ignorant. How could I not think that this party is mocking and rude to others? How could I be so ignorant?

Then the subject of dressing up for Halloween comes back up again and a person brings up the point that people still dress up like Native Americans. What will history books say about us?

Ignorance might be bliss, but that's only because we're tuning ourselves out to how we're hurting others.
We turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and a silent mouth.

This is a THUMBS UP on the club and a thumbs down on the stereotyping and racism.

Extra thoughts: What's your opinion?