Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The College Dystopia

It's not about a fresh start anymore. It's not about learning new things. The reputation a freshman makes their first year of college can scar that person for the rest of their life.
I hate rumors! I hate drama! I hate unloving, unforgiving, un-forgetting people. Who don't feel sorry or who don't feel as if they should feel sorry.

The biggest problem with small schools is the annoying fact that rumors spread faster than fire.

I have it lucky. I'm the "sweet" and "innocent" friend who is "nice" to everybody...I think. Unless rumors prove wrong. Therefore, people tend to not talk bad behind my back. Maybe because they know I'm more sensitive thus seen as weak and wouldn't be able to handle the mean backstabbing comments people make. But then WHY DO THEY THINK THEY CAN TALK ABOUT MY FRIENDS?! Because that hurts me even more.

What I've seen, is that rumors are made about those who are strong and can joke and can socialize with people. Sometimes, a joke can be TOO MUCH.

I wish I weren't using so many all-caps, yet my heart and my head is screaming for justice. SO much, sometimes, that I cry. And I shake, and I get angry. Because people are getting hurt.

I have two friends who have gone through a period where rumors were made up about them. One just let it go. Person A kept being nice. But I applaud person B for standing up for herself. She is worth the fight. Both of them are, and it's not fair that people talk bad about them. Because they are the people who should be talked good about.

If a girl sleeps with a guy. Don't talk about it. If a girl doesn't sleep with a guy. STILL don't talk about it. And if a girl doesn't sleep with a guy, DEFINITELY don't talk about her sleeping with one. Or better yet, if a girl sleeps with another girl, STILL DON"T TALK ABOUT IT. Rumors hurt.

Picture elementary school.
Girl I peed her pants.
Her three friends, A, K, and M help her by taking off one of their sweaters and let I wear the sweater around her waist. They don't worry about whether or not the pee will get on the sweater, they don't worry whether or not the school will talk about it, they don't tell others on her, and they definitely stand up for her if a random classmate says that girl I peed her pants.
I was girl I in elementary school. And I had the best examples there of what a friend should be.

Now college comes, and suddenly we're more immature than a bunch of elementary school kids.
Looks like our education has hurt our heart more than help our brains.

I am going to be that person who will stand up for anybody who is talked about.

For those of you who gossip, don't do it around me or I WILL make sure you regret it.

And also, a helpful tip:

T is it true?
H is it helpful?
I is it inspiring?
N is it necessary?
K is it kind?

And I admit, I do this but it does have the side effect of being unable to talk because you're thinking a lot of what you should say. Therefore, people think that you're "quiet."

Rumors=thumbs down

....End Rant.