Monday, October 27, 2014

Scholarly Fashion: Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Music Professor for my Music Theory Class

This year I've introduced professors and other adults to the mix because they have good fashion, too. I always enjoy coming in to class everyday and being able to give a compliment to my music professor for his choice in shoes and style in tops. The photo above is one of his most calming fashion selections. This professor has come in crazy, funky, colored shirts calling for individuality.

English professor for my Fiction and Poetry Workshop class

This lady is a genius and always provides the class with a loving energy while showing off her super cute shoes that she might have gotten on a recent shopping trip she had recently with her colleagues. 

Last but not least, I met this lady at homecoming. I do not know her name or when she graduated from Hanover but she definitely knows how to pull off her outfits with old scarves her friend gave her in a near attempt of throwing away good clothes. Nice save, sweet model, thank you for letting me take a picture of you.

Until next time!
Thumbs up to fashion in these halls of knowledge.