Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the neighborhood

I usually walk around the neighborhood pond with only my grandma. We would slowly go down the steps of the house as I immediately would extend my arm in offer of support. And we would take about an hour to slowly walk and sit down and walk and sit down once around the pond and sharing stories of our life and looking back at our past.


Since her death, my strolls around the neighborhood pond begin with raw melancholy and end with emotional exhaustion; as if each step around this beautiful body of water symbolizes my exercise out of grief over her.
Yet this time of reflection with this journal lets me deal with reality one step at a time. An explanation of my mind during everyday routine is like a speeding calculator plugging in every action, word, and emotion onto my hands and tossing each behind once its made contact. But each time I write, my pen allows me to spell out each letter of each word and slows my mind to a turtle pace. That's the metaphor: my mind switches back and forth between the turtle and the hare.

*Note: each leaf was taken from a tree around the pond. I immediately picked them off as I realized the diverse set of trees that surround the pond.

Thumbs up to slow thinking and refreshing your mind.