Friday, July 17, 2015

Fresh Start

Retrace the steps you took recently and slowly delete any judgement, criticism, regret, contempt. You can remember it, but for this moment, soak in all the emptiness. Not the loneliness, or anything negative. Just form a blank.

This is a fresh start. So I might have written a few stale posts, some revenge poetry, a couple of random thoughts that should have stayed in my head. But they didn't, and that's okay. It's the same thing everyone tells you, it's a learning experience. How would I know what I wrote was bad, if I didn't write it? Maybe this post might take a slow spiral down the toilet, but I think the effort should at least count for something.

So here's me. Rewinding my negativity, the hateful comments I made towards my sister's fiance? Deleted. The gossip I've acknowledged? Accepted but will change.  For the better, or the worse. That's why it's fresh, a new beginning.

Start. This is the last summer before the last year of college. Stop.

Senior year, here I come.
And I have a teeny bucket list I have to complete. One being dancing with my friend Yana the same dance Will Ferrell does in the movie "Night at the Roxbury." Specifically, the car scene where they crash while they're dancing and driving (DD).

Now we'll continue walking this new road, paving new ways, making new memories. These will count for something, not just ending with a bang but with a domino effect. Maybe I'll start an intellectual group on campus, maybe I'll write the constitution for that new music club. A whole lot of maybes, but that's what so great about the beginning, you can always start out with the best dreams, that might hopefully, in the end, become reality.