Wednesday, June 10, 2015

it's only a moth

Here I am typing up this post as if it were my only consolation in the world, yet this moth frightens me every time I feel its presence. It even flew on my laptop which makes sense since it's the only thing that has its lights on.

I think i'm trying to console myself. I thought I had it together. Figured that I'm happy with my boyfriend, getting things done for my sister's wedding, applying for jobs, using all my money to pay for school and to help feed my family. But I need to save for gas. Why is it always about money?
I'm typing away. Why? Because ,y words mean something. I'm not just mumbling around inside my own head with pointless things. I need to control myself, rein in my emotions. Even if I am hurt by the pity I lay on myself. I need to fight this nonsense society.
We're living in a more socialist United States, yet showing inequality to giving the strong what they deserve. It seems it helps more to be weaker. Ignorance is bliss, but bliss never changed things.
We wanna fight the world and make it a better place.
But all this is just mumbo jumbo. A girl trying to make sense of the world.
I'm typing out my feelings, and I cringe each time I think of the bug. It's only a moth.