Friday, November 1, 2013

Do you like my costume???

10:30 am time before lunch
Checking my mail, my email, and this blog.

I've gotten to the point where I have been able to keep up with this blog and it feels great.

As I checked everything in the mail room, this group of little preschoolers came in a single file line, almost racing to the mail room from the cold outside.

The first two girls walked past this soda machine and told their mommies, while pointing at the soda machines, that "these are for daddies!" And the moms agreed. I guess the stereotype for daddies are now adult males drinking sodas.

These two girlies walked past me and I told one that I liked her pumpkin costume and the girl said "thank you" and the the next girl over asked me, "do you like my costume???" And i eagerly nodded my head and said "yes, it looks very pretty." It was a fairy princess costume.


And as the rest of the group came forward, a light buzz year led the way and tried to open up all the locked mailboxes and all the kids followed him and pretended as if they could open them and as if they owned them. And for a second, I believed them.

The last of the group was this cute little lion walking along like a stumbling, baby deer. And as I waved to him the mom told him to say hello, and in this big, loud voice, he greeted me.

Thumbs up to these cute little kids who brightened my day.