Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Through the camera lens

 I'm not photogenic. And I think it's in part due to my face's inability to express myself well. I may be the happiest person in the world but take a picture of me and you get a person looking really high or sleepy. I don't know how people keep up with making sure they look just right for pictures. For some reason, I can't just look plain happy. I can make a cute kid face and a try my hardest to make my eyes big, but me trying to make a sad, mad, frustrated, annoyed, tired, or angry face all look the same. 

But I'm gonna work on it. My goal for this month will be to be gain the ability of making every facial expression. I'm going to copy every face in the emoticons below:
Of course, this is a drawing exercise. But if artists try to depict human beings, that means the facial expressions are what the common way people can tell a person is feeling some way. 

Therefore, I will look in the mirror every morning and practice each facial expression. When the end of 4 weeks pass, I will take a photo of each expression on this picture. And I will strive to make a pose for each.

I admit this is a silly challenge. However, I think my desire to do this stems from the selfies my friends and I take. Every time they say a pose to strike my mind goes blank and my body doesn't know what to do. Maybe this means I don't show my emotions enough on my face. Anyways, when the picture is taken, my face looks like halfway attempt of a pose. 

Wish me luck!

Kisses :*

Is the above too sappy?? sorries :( I tend to talk about my relationship on this blog more than when I talk with friends. I think I feel like if i mention my boyfriend to my friends and family they will get annoyed.