Sunday, November 9, 2014

'We Can Change Things'

Fall of the Berlin Wall
Twenty-five years ago today, we celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall that separated West and East Germany in the conflicting age of communism and confusing period of post-war tension. People climbed over, wrote on, chipped away pieces of the wall and ended the giant division. The energetic vibe that passes from
person to person develops a spark of protest in the air that demands the people's voice to be heard and for their rights to be naturally provided. In BBC's current online post on the Berlin Wall emphasizes the mentality that 'We can change things' (Berlin Wall: Angela Merkel hails fall as 'dream come true'). And we can. BBC News provided the following information:
  • The wall stretched for 155km (96 miles) through Berlin but today only about three kilometres of it still stands.
  • At least 138 people died trying to flee to West Berlin.
  • Within a year of the wall's collapse, Germany - divided after its defeat in World War Two - was reunited.
History really shows us now how people make things happen. Sometimes we sit back and complain about the government and feel hopeless but stories like these in history show us and inspire us for change.

NPR told the amazing story that everyone should listen to: The Man Who Disobeyed His Boss And Opened The Berlin Wall

The writer Nelson unfolds the story of Harald Jaeger in a four minute audio and shares the power human beings have and the will to fight.

The Google Doodle inspired me today and encouraged me to look back on history to see what we can do today. If you feel like watching a cool clip on the Berlin Wall, you should really check out the Google Doodle for today.

Commemoration of the Fall

Thumbs up to human will power and ability to change the world. 

'We can change things.'